December 1, 2013

Gift Ideas For Job Seekers

Happy Holidays! Have you shopped for everyone on your gift list? If you know a job seeker (or you want to add something useful to your wish list) then check out some of these great gift ideas for job seekers.

If you didn’t take advantage of the retail chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, now is the time to think about gift ideas for job seekers. It’s always best to get a job seeker something that will help them in their job hunt. Here are a few ideas:

  • Interview Clothing – Help them look their best for the recruiters.
  • Resume Writing Services – Writing and designing a resume is challenging. Why not hire a professional?
  • Business Cards – A stack of 500 business cards doesn’t cost much and it’s one of the best ways to grow a network.
  • Professional Bag – A nice bag is a great way to get your stuff to and from the interview.
  • Certification, Membership or Course – Dues, fees, and courses are expensive. Help out a job seeker by covering the costs.
  • Note Cards – A thank you note goes a long way after an interview.
  • Website – Everyone needs a web presence. Why not purchase a domain name or web design services for a gift?
  • Portfolio – Whether it’s online or in print, a portfolio is a huge part of the job search for many jobs.
  • Networking Help – Make an effort to help your favorite job seeker connect with other business professionals.

It’s tricky to shop for a job seeker, but it is important to remember them. Try to find something that will help them be organized, have fun, look good, or be professional. A gift that helps them find a cool job is ideal.

Searching for a job is time consuming. Be sure to remember the people you know who are in the middle of the job hunt. Try to find them a useful gift that will help them become gainfully employed. They will appreciate it.

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