December 14, 2014

A Grammar Checklist Worth Bookmarking

Hows you’re day going? Hopefully its fantastic. Their seems to be a few errors in these sentences. Can you find them?

Even if you could care less about grammar, it’s important to get it right. Grammar has been a focus ever since we were school children studying nouns and verbs. It’s something that sticks with us throughout life. We use it daily.  Punctuation, sentence structure, and word usage are things you need to master before they get you in trouble at work or in your job search.

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Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors can really upset some people. They make you look bad, hurt your credibility, and can get your resume chucked out faster than you can find your mistake. Typos and grammatical errors are a big no-no when it comes to your professional life.

We ran across a great grammar check list on that’s worth checking out. It highlights some common grammatical errors that can even slip by a seasoned writing veteran sometimes. Here are a few common mistakes to watch out for:

  • Their/There/They’re
    • Their is possessive.
    • There refers to a place or idea.
    • They’re is a contraction that is short for “they are.”
  • Then/Than
    • Then refers to timing.
    • Than compares things.
  • Its/It’s
    • Its is possessive.
    • It’s is a contraction that is short for “it is.”
  • Your/You’re
    • Your is possessive.
    • You’re is a contraction that is short for “you are.”
  • Affect/Effect
    • Affect is a verb where something acts on another thing.
    • Effect is a noun that is the result of an action.
  • Who/Whom
    • Who refers to the subject.
    • Whom is used for the object.
  • Everyday/Every day
    • Everyday is an adjective describing a daily occurrence.
    • Every day is another way to say each day.

This is only the start of a very long list of common grammar mistakes, misused words, and typos that you’ll want to avoid. Head over to to learn about a bunch of other grammar mistakes and see examples! They also dive into semicolons, hyphens, dashes, quotations, and so much more. This is a link that shouldn’t be missed.

Next time you’re blasting out an email, posting on Facebook, writing a cover letter, or putting the finishing touches on your resume make sure you haven’t made any of these mistakes. A simple, misplaced, overlooked apostrophe can ruin your chances of getting an interview or destroy your credibility with your boss. No one wants that!

It’s amazing how a simple grammar mistake or typo can reflect so poorly on you as a professional. It’s worth it to take an extra few minutes and proofread your work. Occasionally a mistake will slip through the cracks, but you’ll be amazed at how many silly mistakes you actually make.

Use this list as a reference. Let it inspire you to stop making silly grammar mistakes and/or typos. Don’t let one mistake cost you your dream job!

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