March 23, 2014

The Top 6 Grossest Jobs – Gross Jobs

Do you ever watch Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel? That guy explores lots of “dirty” jobs. Over 8 seasons, he’s helped mate camels, collect owl vomit, inspected sewers, cleaned chimneys, and countless other disgusting things. Would you ever apply for a gross job like that? Mike Rowe thrives on experiencing these gross jobs for a day (and for his TV show!). In reality, somebody does each of these gross jobs on a daily basis. That’s how they make their living!

If you’re the type of person who enjoys filthy, terrible, dirty, disgusting, gross jobs, then you should consider applying for one of the top 6 grossest jobs imaginable:

  1. Embalmer – If you’ve ever been to a funeral, you’ve seen the talented efforts of an embalmer. Embalmers work with dead bodies to preserve human remains. Getting hands on with a dead body is a gross way to make a living.
  2. Sewer Inspector – If you flush it down the toilet, it ends up in the sewer system. The sewer is not a place where you want to make your living, unless you’re a sewer inspector.
  3. Road Kill Collector – When you’re cruising down the highway and a deer, elk, dog, or moose jumps in front of your car it’s terrifying. It also makes a massive mess. Hundreds of pounds of dead animal are left scattered across the road. It’s a messy, gross, safety hazard. Hopefully, the roadkill collector will stop by sooner than later.
  4. Snake Milker – There are 400 poisonous snakes on Earth. If you get bit by one of these slimy creatures, you better hope that a snake milker has been hard at work. Snake milkers remove the venom from a snake to create an anti-venom, which can save your live.
  5. Toxicologist – Do you want to surround yourself with harmful and deadly toxins? That’s what toxicologists do. They spend day in and day out studying disgusting chemicals that directly affect you.
  6. Chicken Sexer – Working on a large chicken farm is a foul way to make a living. Especially if your job is to be an expert on chicken’s sex. Next time you buy eggs or chicken wings, think about what a gross job the chicken sexer has.

Would you choose to work one of these jobs? Which would be your top choice? It would take some serious convincing to choose a gross job as your primary way of making a living.

Everyone’s definition of gross is different. What may be a gross job to one person, may be no big deal to another. All of the above jobs fit the bill in our opinion. If gross jobs don’t bother you, congratulations. Try to find and apply for a gross job on the JobMonkey Job Board.


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