November 6, 2014

9 Cool Healthcare Employers

Imagine life without healthcare. Yikes! When was the last time you went to a doctor? Taking care of your body is important. People go to the doctor for all sorts of reasons – wellness checks, rehabilitation, surgery, dental work, or prescriptions. The healthcare industry operates around the clock and at some point in your life you will require a visit to a healthcare facility near you.

The healthcare industry needs people like you to be nurses, doctors, technicians, pharmacists, EMTs, physician assistants, dietitians, medical coders, and other cool jobs. The healthcare industry has high paying positions and entry level ones too. Some cool healthcare jobs require doctorate degrees, others require minimal formal training. Plus, the healthcare industry offers everything in between. Find your next job in the healthcare niche. You’ll love it.

With a growing population and aging baby boomers, the healthcare industry is home to some of the fastest growing careers in the United States. If you’re looking for a job that pays well and offers superb job security, then the healthcare industry is the place to be.

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Did you know that the healthcare industry is a trillion dollar industry? Over 16 million people work at over 780,000 health care companies in the US. And it’s growing fast. The healthcare industry is massive and literally effects everyone at some point. Why not look for healthcare jobs with these healthcare employers?

  1. Centura Health
  2. Massachusetts General Hospital
  3. Mayo Clinic
  4. Meridian Health
  5. Southern Ohio Medical Center
  6. Baptist Health South Florida
  7. Hospital Corporation of America
  8. New York Presbyterian Hospital
  9. University of Michigan Health System

Find other healthcare employers and countless healthcare job listings on the JobMonkey Job Board. If you’re not ready to apply for a healthcare job, then research this niche in JobMonkey’s Healthcare Industry Guide.

A career in healthcare checks a lot of the boxes that people look for in a job – in demand, job security, solid paychecks, lots of options, good benefits, jobs everywhere, rewarding job, and lots of employer options. If you’re serious about starting a successful career, find a healthcare job. It’s awesome.

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