February 1, 2010

High Paying Jobs without College Degree

Are you stuck in a low-paying job? Frustrated that you work so hard, but earn so little? If so, you need to ask yourself: Has the time come to make a career change?

If so, what’s holding you back? Is it a lack of a college degree?

While more Americans are earning their BA than ever before, higher education is most definitely not the right path for everyone. Maybe you wanted or needed to go straight into the professional world. Perhaps you tried out college for a semester or two before realizing that it wasn’t a good fit for you.

If the only reason you would even consider a college degree is to earn a bigger paycheck, then I have good news for you: There are plenty of high paying jobs that don’t demand a formal degree. Yes, you need experience and on-the-job training. But an official diploma isn’t a prerequisite. Here’s a look at eight great jobs you might want to investigate.

1. Service station manager

Average annual salary: $81,793

Experience in the automotive industry is a must; good leadership and organizations skills are a plus. Managers are in charge of overseeing staff, operating the budget and handling customer relations.

2. Chemical supervisor

Average annual salary: $67,114

You don’t need a degree in chemistry to be a chemical supervisor. Instead, past experience in a lab or manufacturing plant is required; supervisory experience plus the know-how to handle dangerous substances is an advantage as well. See more high paying science jobs at the JobMonkey’s section on 6 figure jobs.

3. Construction equipment operator

Average annual salary: $50,783

Despite the stereotype, blue-collar jobs don’t have to be low-paying. In fact, experienced construction workers earn better than the national average when they take charge of large tools and equipment during construction projects. Commercial gigs often pay even better than residential assignments.

4. Credit and collection supervisor

Average annual salary: $61,387

Our country is in a credit crunch, with more and more Americans defaulting on their loans and credit cards. While it may not be the most uplifting line of work, credit and collection supervisors are in high demand. Supervisors have good people skills and past experience in the industry to be able to manage employees and review client files.

5. Flight service manager

Average annual salary: $67,766

Airline jobs tend to pay well, especially once you reach the level of manager or supervisor. Flight service managers are in charge of a crew of flight attendants, which means plenty of time in the air. Learn about more airline and airport jobs from the JobMonkey.

6. Home care aide supervisor

Average annual salary: $66,244

Health care jobs are one of the fastest growing sectors in the American economy today. And you don’t need a medical or nursing degree for many of them. Home care aide supervisors oversee aides working with homebound patients. Past experience in the field is required, as are good supervisory skills. Learn more about health care jobs from the JobMonkey.

7. Locomotive engineer

Average annual salary: $70,116

All aboard! Working on locomotives is an exciting, fast-paced way to earn a great salary. Whether you’re transporting passengers or freight, engineers are charged with driving electric, diesel-electric or gas-turbine electric trains. Learn more about working on the railroad from JobMonkey’s section on train jobs.

8. Route sales manager

Average annual salary: $65,771

If you are working in sales and want to earn a higher salary, talk to your supervisor about becoming a route sales manager. They work directly with service delivery teams to ensure customer satisfaction, efficiency and personal performance. Learn more about high paying careers in sales and marketing from JobMonkey’s section on Six Figure Jobs.

Source: CNN

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