September 10, 2008

Hot Jobs #1

Did you know that you can search for jobs right on the JobMonkey site? It’s easy: Just go to the field you are interested in and scroll toward the bottom for the link to the job board. I’ll make it even easier for you every Wednesday, by bringing you three of the hottest jobs in JobMonkey’s very large pool of positions.

Art Director for AOL Music
This new music industry job is for a high-powered, experienced art director who can help the industry’s leading music site continue its success and branch out in new directions as well. The duties of the Art Director include overseeing all aspects of the design for the site, plus supervising the site’s new tour-tracking function, to be launched in ’09.

Wind Customer Manager, GE Infrastructure (expired)
This Green Collar Job in Schenectady, NY is looking for someone to serve as the GE’s primary contact person with its critical customers, to represent customer issues back to GE Wind, and to assist in the implementation of corrective actions for that customer. GE wants someone with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering plus 5 years of experience.

Political Associate
This Government Job is actually a liaison position, based in New York at The D. E. Shaw Group. Their new associate will study governmental and financial developments and make recommendations to senior partners. The group is looking for someone with at least a few years of full-time or internship experience in government, plus a stellar academic record.

Do you fit the bill for any of these jobs? Be sure to bookmark the job board in your field of interest, as JobMonkey updates ads daily. Good luck in your jobs search!

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