December 24, 2008

Hot Jobs 18: Christmas Eve Edition

I’m not sure how many of you are even checking in for hot jobs today.  But for those very dedicated job-seekers among you, I’ve got three great jobs for you fresh off JobMonkey’s free job center

  There is a marketing job with ABC Radio Networks, in Dallas; a news director job with CBS Radio, in Seattle; and an engineer position with the Federal Aviation Administration in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  And don’t forget, you can search our job database anytime, day or night. Seek by job industry, by keyword or by location.

#1. Sales Marketing Coordinator, ABC Radio Networks, Dallas, TX
ABC Radio Networks is look up for someone to build and update presentations, creating added value and promotional concept development. The ideal candidate will be proactive and extremely organized, with at least three year of relevant experience in consumer promotions. To learn more about this and other positions with ABC Radio Networks, visit the ABC Careers page.

#2. KZOK News Director, CBS Radio, Seattle, WA
The Bob Rivers Show in Seattle is looking for a smart, vibrant, outgoing Newsperson/Co-host. Experience is a plus but more important is a candidate who is funny and easygoing (and also opinionated). To learn more about this job and other opportunities with CBS Radio, visit the CBS careers page.

#3. General Engineer, Federal Aviation Administration, Atlantic City, NJ
The FAA is looking for a highly motivated, innovative individual to help implement NextGen, a system that will transform current technologies in order to improve safety and better protect the environment. This senior level position, which pays up to $112,000 per year, will be responsible for directing and managing aviation safety information technology.  Other duties will include managing and processing aviation performance data, converting textural and numeric data into information, and creating visualization capabilities to aid in calculating risk assessment. To learn more about this position or to apply for this job, visit the FAA careers page.

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