September 23, 2009

Hot Jobs 55: Federal Government

It’s Wednesday, which means it is Hot Jobs Day! As you probably know by now, on Wednesdays, I feature three of the hottest job leads from our free Job Center.

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This week, I am spotlighting jobs in the Federal Government. If living in and around the beltway equals adventure in your book, then you are in luck! Many agencies are staffing up, thanks to an influx of “stimulus” dollars. You can learn more about working for the “feds” from Job Monkey’s extensive section on government careers.

1. Contract Tester, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Arlington, VA

The FBI is seeking telephone administers of the Speaking Proficiency Tests. You are paid per number of tests you administer, which typically take one hour and are conducted in English. Candidates must be native English speakers and be able to pass an English-speaking test at the professional level. You must be available to attend a two-week training session in Washington, D.C., after which you will work from home.

2. Consumer Safety Officer Job, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, College Park, MD

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration is seeking a consumer safety officer to provide authoritative guidance and consultation regarding inspection and investigation methods and procedures. This technical position will require constant study of scientific developments and research in the areas of food science in order to identify and assess emerging, complex, or precedent-setting issues impacting the department. The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. or a minimum of three years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to a Ph.D. degree. The job is a minimum GS11 position. Hiring for the position will be subject to a background investigation.

3. Chief Scientific & Technical Advisor for Advanced Avionics, Federal Aviation Administration, Washington, DC

The FAA is seeking a Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor (CSTA) for Advanced Avionics to be responsible for maintaining a high level of aviation safety and for retaining U.S. leadership in the development and implementation of technical standards for new technologies. This position requires advanced education, or equivalent experience in the physical or engineering sciences with concentration in advanced navigation systems that operate on satellite signals, risk factors in systems which perform new avionics functions, and aircraft performance controlled by digital electronics. Hiring is subject to passing a drug test and receiving Secret Service clearance.

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Good luck with your job search this week!

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