October 17, 2013

Hotel and Resort Employers

People love to go on vacation. They save up all year for one or two magical weeks in their destinations of choice – foreign cities, snowy mountains, sunny beaches, romantic getaways. No matter where they go, they need to stay at a hotel or resort. The hotel and resort industry is a massive niche and is overflowing with cool jobs. Plus there are jobs in every popular and far-flung destination you can imagine.

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Every hotel and resort needs enthusiastic workers who want to work in the guest service industry – where they can live the vacation in their dream destination. Working in this industry is an exciting way to make a living, see the world, and live in amazing destinations. There are so many destination options – Paris, Maldives, Cancun, Atlanta, Singapore, Jakarta, Hawaii, Bangkok, Las Vegas, New York City, Grand Cayman, New Zealand, China, Sydney, London, San Francisco, Vail, Whistler, Italy, St. Thomas, Dubai. These locations were just taken from our current job listings on the JobMonkey Job Board.

If working in a hotel or resort sounds like a sweet career option, then here are some cool employers:

Talk about a cool way to build a resume and gain international work experience. There are tons of jobs available in these hotels and plenty of destinations to choose from. What type of job would you pick – guest service, maintenance, housekeeping, security, food service, accounting, events, entertainment?

The hotel and resort industry is a great place to get your foot in the door and live the dream, but it’s an even better place to climb the career ladder. If you want to see the world, work in incredible places, and find a bit of adventure, then get involved in this incredibly stable industry today.

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