July 21, 2009

Tuesday Tips: How to Break into a Career in Sports

Have ever dreamed of working in sports? Perhaps as a reporter, agent, coach or manager? Then you definitely want to read this week’s JobMonkey newsletter, which profiles a work-at-home sports writer. (If you haven’t already subscribed to our free job newsletter, be sure to do so today!)

The web editor for Euroleague Basketball, Frankie Sachs recently chatted with the JobMonkey about how he made his break into the competitive world of marketing for professional European basketball. As a former sports writer and then newspaper editor, Sachs also offered this advice to aspiring sports writers:

Finding an entry-level position in sports journalism is not terribly difficult, but often, tremendous patience is needed to progress forward. My best advice to aspiring sportswriters is to read and write as often as possible – starting your own blog is always a good idea. Be patient, and remember that you never know which story could turn out to be your big break, so always give it 100%.

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