March 5, 2009

In the News: Economic Recession by County

How bad is the job market where you live? If you have not seen this cool interactive map from the New York Times, you should definitely check it out.

Now, if you listen to news at all, you know that unemployment is at a decades-high level, just over 8%. Economists will tell you that if you add in all the underemployed people forced to work in part-time jobs, that number is more likely around 12%.

But those numbers are not consistent across the country. Michigan has even higher rates, as do pockets of California. But the Midwest is well below the national unemployment average. So finding a job may not be as difficult as you think, depending where you live.

Regardless of the degree to which the recession has hit your neck of the woods, the key to finding a job stays the same:

Network, network, network
Polish your resume and cover letters
– Perfect your job interview skills
– Stay positive and cast a wide net

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