June 16, 2015

Wear These Colors To Your Next Job Interview

What’s your favorite color? Black. Pink. Yellow. Red. Blue. Green. Orange. Everybody has their own personal favorite color. It’s a matter of preference, but colors also evoke certain emotions.

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Color preference is based on experience, mood, upbringing, culture, context, and other factors. Colors have tremendous power on a psychological level too. They play a major role in everything from marketing to job interviews.

We found an interesting image that shows how different brands utilize colors on HelpScout.net. Here’s what that graphic says certain colors mean in the world of marketing:

  • Yellow – Optimism, Clarity, Warmth
  • Orange – Friendly, Cheerful, Confident
  • Red – Excitement, Youthful, Bold
  • Pink – Creative, Imaginative, Wise
  • Blue – Trust, Dependable, Strong
  • Green – Peaceful, Growth, Health
  • Gray – Balance, Neutral, Calm

How do these colors make you feel? What about different color combinations? The psychology of colors is powerful stuff, but remember that different colors mean different things to different people. How do the colors you wear make other people feel? When you are marketing your personal brand, colors are definitely something to consider – especially when heading to a job interview.

CareerBuilder published a study a while back about The Best and Worst Colors To Wear To A Job Interview. It takes an interesting look at color psychology in the job interview setting. According to CareerBuilder.com, most job interviewers recommend wearing blue or black, with orange being the worst color to wear. They seem to agree that neutral, conservative colors like black, blue, gray, or brown convey professionalism. Wear these colors.

This is what the following colors convey to interviewers:

  • Black – Leadership
  • Blue – Team Player
  • Gray – Logical/Analytical
  • White – Organized
  • Brown – Dependable
  • Red – Power
  • Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple – Creative

The colors of your job interview outfit has the power to make you look like a professional and to change the mood of the interviewer. Wear the right colors to set yourself up for success in your next job interview. Combine the colors of your outfit with these 3 things that you absolutely must wear to a job interview and you’ll be ready for anything.

Job interviews are your chance to make a good first impression. Follow these wardrobe tips for your next interview if you’re worried about what to wear.

The power of colors and what they subconsciously portray to others is an interesting subject. While you might not remember what color means what, be sure to dress the part and make a solid first impression.

If you’re interested in the psychology of colors, consider a career in psychology.

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