April 5, 2009

Job Links You Will Love

I’ve got a little job searching link love to share with you this fine Sunday.

  • Networking Without Lying @ Recession Wire

This post is great! I love the personal anecdote and there is some useful advice in here, too. Bottom line: Network with savvy, but never, never lie. Not only will it make you feel like a jerk, it will cause you to miss out on invaluable opportunities to actually find a job — which is, after all, the whole goal of networking!

My favorite tips?

#5 Praise other people. The more you tell me about yourself, the more I wonder if you’re cocky/arrogant

… and the closely related

#6 Share the air. If you talk and talk and talk and I nod and smile the whole time, I’m happy, but also probably not going to remember much about you.

Highlights from an interview with Kate Lorenz, co-author of the book “Career Building: Your Total Handbook for Finding a Job and Making it Work”. Kate shares ten reasons your job search may be falling flat. Take a few minutes to read through her checklist and make sure that you are doing everything you can to land your next job.

Career blogger Lindsey Pollak shares three ways recent college grads can make some money and advance their professional status while job searching. Top of her list: Temping (I have gotten quite a few job offers out of temp assignments — so I definitely agree there), tutoring and freelancing.

There is a fair amount of overlap between her list and our 14 Best Places to Find a Job Online, but I definitely appreciated learning about Dice, a techie job site I had not heard of before. Be sure to also check out this comprehensive list from her blog: 49 Places to Find Telecommuting Jobs.

  • Free Health Care at Walgreens Clinic

Not exactly a tip on how to job search, but I thought this news was too good not to share.

Walgreens is offering free clinic visits for the rest of the year to anyone who looses their job and health insurance after March 31st. Visits can include tests and routine treatment for minor ailments. You will still have to pay for prescriptions, but since Walgreens offers $4 generics (for one month), it shouldn’t be too bad.  Read the fine print, but even if you do find a few loopholes, I still thought this offer was pretty sweet!

What about you? Have you read something lately that really helped to motivate you in your job search? Perhaps there was a post that helped you to clarify your goals… or just gave you the kick in the pants you had been needing? Share the link with us in comments section, please!

That’s it for me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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