August 21, 2009

Job Searching Around the Web

TGIF, job seekers. Hopefully you’re heading out for a relaxing weekend, but I have a few quick things I wanted to share this Friday afternoon.

I’ve read a number of great articles and blog posts this week about the job search world, which I thought some of you might appreciate.

:: The Unexpected Benefits of Networking Events from the Wall Street Journal’s laid off worker blogs. This labyrinth of blog posts from a host of high-powered unemployed people is really an outstanding resource. I got lost in this blog for a good couple of hours. This post about those (dreaded) networking events really stood out for me as a salient discussion of the benefits of making connections — especially during a lean job search.

:: Free Job Search eBooks @ Alison Doyle’s Guide to Job Searching. Let’s face it, if you are looking for a job, the last thing you can afford to do is spend a ton of money on resources to help you find a job. Bucking the “you gotta spend money to make money” axiom, Alison Doyle put together this awesome list of free eBooks that will help you be a better job searcher. I’ve downloaded most of them and am making my way through them, but so far, I am especially intrigued by this one: Job Search Networking for Introverts .

:: How the Web Has Changed Job Searching from Business Week. Great, great article from Business Week about the role of social networking sites in today’s job hunt. A real must-read for anyone looking for a job (or even if you’re not!)

:: Job Hunting? Watch What You Tweet @ Biz Journals. You’ve heard me say it before, but it bears repeating: If you are looking for a job, take a close look at your social networking sites. What message are you putting out there? Oh, and hey, speaking of Twitter, did you know that JobMonkey is tweeting now? Come follow us!

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