March 22, 2009

Job Searching Link Love

Happy Spring! I just love that smell of spring. Don’t you!? Hopefully you are outside enjoying some lovely spring weather. But if you are stuck inside (thanks to the weather or to the job search), I’ve got some great posts for you to read this fine Sunday afternoon.

>> Applicant Tweets Herself Out of a Job @ Savvy Sugar
Here is yet another reminder of why you should be careful in how you brand yourself out there in the world of social media. With the job market tighter than tight, you surely don’t want to give anyone an excuse not to hire you!

>> The Truth About All Those Green Jobs @
An interesting, rather academic perspective on the hype about green jobs and whether or not they will truly stimulate our economy.

>> Jobless Make the Most Out of Their Unemployment @
If you’ve got to be out of a job, try taking some pointers from these folks — they found the silver lining in unemployment.

>> Top 10 Tips for Career Changers (but really it’s 13) @ The Career Hub
If you have recently lost your job, you may be looking for more than just a new job — you may be on the hunt for a whole new career. The Career Hub has some tips for reinventing and marketing yourself to new industries.

>> Career Resources on Twitter @ Ramen Noodles
If you haven’t checked out Twitter yet, I’m hoping that two links to Twitter-related posts today will get you off your duff.  I admit, it’s a little weird to try to distill your life down to 140-word snipits, but all the cool kids are doing it… including, according to this post, a whole host of job sites.

Have you read something recently that really got you motivated about your job search? Please share the link in our comments section.

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