September 8, 2008

Jobs in the Wine Industry

You might have noticed a theme in recent posts (if you haven’t, don’t worry: I’m about to tell you!)? Do you have a passion? Turn it into a profession. Seriously, why relegate doing what you love to the weekends and holidays? Do what you love every day and earn money doing what makes you happy. Does it get more bliss than that?

Now for some of you, bliss probably involves the perfect glass of wine. While I don’t recommend drinking on the job, there’s no reason that you can’t find a job in the wine industry if that is your true passion. The even better news is that while the rest of the country is experiencing downturns and scale-backs, the wine industry has actually reported growth in its ’08 first quarter earnings. All this means that the time has never been better to look for a job in the wine industry. Check out JobMonkey’s section on Wine Industry Jobs to learn everything you need to know about finding your bliss.

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