December 4, 2014

The 10 Largest Employers In The US

Can you name any of the 10 biggest employers in the United States? It’s an interesting list because the largest employers come from a variety of industries – retail, home improvement, technology, delivery services, and restaurants.

These massive and successful companies all employ over 300,000 workers. Combined, 5.6 million workers collect their paychecks from these 10 places.  That’s a huge percentage of the US workforce.

Do you want to work for one of the largest employers in the United States? It might be a fantastic place to start your job search. Companies this big must be doing something right to have so many employees.

According to USA Today, in 2013 the largest employers in the United States were:

  1. Wal-Mart – 2,200,000 (Only 1.3 million in US)
  2. Yum! Brands – 523,000
  3. McDonald’s – 440,000
  4. IBM – 434,246
  5. United Parcel Service – 399,000
  6. Target – 361,000
  7. Kroger – 343,000
  8. Home Depot – 340,000
  9. Hewlett-Packard – 331,800
  10. General Electric – 305,000

Have you heard of these companies? Of course you have. They probably operate in your town. Today’s a great day to apply for jobs with one of the largest companies in the US. Or maybe you’d prefer to work for some of the other cool companies that made the Top 50 list?

Why not apply for jobs with Bank of America (#13), JPMorgan Chase (#17), FedEx (#19), Verizon Communications (#25), Boeing (#31), Ford Motor (#34), or The Coca-Cola Company (#41)? All of the Top 50 largest employers employ over 126,000 people!

Even if you don’t want to apply for a job with one of these big companies, cool facts like this are great conversation starters!

When you’re ready to start your job search, head over to the JobMonkey Job Board. You can learn more about these big companies, find open positions, and apply for jobs. It’s easy and free. Good luck!

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