December 11, 2016

How To Plan A Last Minute Holiday Party

Is your office planning to celebrate the holidays? Ideally the office holiday party has been on the schedule for months. People have rearranged schedules, organized babysitters, and have been inundated with reminder emails. But things don’t always operate in the ideal scenario. If you’ve been tasked with trying to plan a last minute holiday party for your office, don’t panic. We have some great tips for you to pull off the impossible.
Four festive workers spread the holiday cheer at the office holiday party

5 Tips To Use The Holiday Office Party To Your Advantage

Holiday parties are the perfect time to relax and enjoy the festive holiday season. If you’re trying to plan a last minute holiday party, here’s what you need to do.

  • Put Someone In Charge – If you’re scrambling to plan a last minute holiday party, assign someone on the team to take charge. This way they can plan the party, delegate tasks, and organize the event.
  • Pick The Most Convenient Time – When it’s last minute, you won’t be able to please everyone. Try to pick a time that is convenient to the largest amount of people. If you can swing it, try to throw the party on the afternoon before the big vacation break.
  • Choose The Party Location – Finding a party spot can be a challenge when your throwing something together last minute. Ask around at local event spots, restaurants, and bars. If they aren’t booked they might give you a great rate to fill their space. If you’re striking out on an “off-campus” event, see if there is a common place at work where you can have the holiday get-together.
  • Create The Right Atmosphere – To properly spread the holiday cheer, you’re going to need to create a festive atmosphere. Bring in a tree, supply Santa hats, encourage everyone to wear an ugly Christmas sweater, organize a Secret Santa gift event, hire a DJ, hang a piñata, or decorate with garlands and glitter. Spice up the holiday season with your imagination. Are you totally stuck? Check out for a world of creative holiday ideas.
  • Supply Food and Drink – A party isn’t a party with a few tasty treats to nibble on and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed. You could have the office holiday party catered or you can supply food and snacks. It’s up to you.

The office holiday party is a must-attend event. But one friendly reminder – it’s still the office party. Be a professional and don’t do anything too crazy when you’re surrounded by your co-workers and boss! Silly things like that can come back to haunt you later on.

Enjoy your office holiday party. Happy holidays!

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