August 18, 2010

New Job Monkey Section: Translator and Interpreter Jobs

We are keeping it fresh over at the JobMonkey with a brand new section on translator and interpreter jobs.

Blending our emphasis on unique jobs with international travel, this new section really fits the bill!

If you are completely fluent and culturally literate in two or more language, you should definitely check it out. Note that I did not just say “bilingual”, but rather “fluent and culturally literate”. Being a translator or interpreter is about more than just words. The job is to express meaning and concepts in another language and culture — which requires intimate knowledge of that culture. Most translators and interpreters have therefore lived abroad extensively either as a child or an adult.

Work is available in a wide variety of fields — from academia to medicine to the arts. Practical applications are always needed as well, such as legal translations, business translation and even interpreting for traveling diplomats.

If you are ready to learn more, be sure to check out our Translator Jobs section, which includes helpful information on job opportunities, salary, freelance options and more.

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