January 22, 2018

Why LinkedIn Is A Job Seeker’s Best Friend

Are you on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the social media platform for finding jobs. Sure we all hear about people who found jobs on Facebook or Twitter or that guy that gets paid to post on Instagram, but if you’re actually looking for a legit job, LinkedIn is the place to be.

LinkedIn was created as the social media platform for professionals in May of 2003. Since then it has totally changed the world of job searching. LinkedIn’s stats will blow your mind. Check out these stats:Social Media Networking for Job Search Image

  • 530 million LinkedIn users worldwide
  • 128 million LinkedIn users in the US – That’s 39% of the US population
  • 2 new users join LinkedIn every second
  • 200 countries and territories are represented on LinkedIn
  • 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn makes up 5% of all social sharing
  • 40% of users check LinkedIn daily
  • CEOs have an average of 930 connections
  • LinkedIn is available in 20 languages

11 Things You Must Include On Your Website

LinkedIn is a total powerhouse in the social media world. It’s the place to be if you’re a job seeker for a variety of reasons:

  • Web Presence – Having a web presence is crucial for all job seekers. LinkedIn makes it easy to build a professional web presence that is searchable.
  • Networking – Make contacts and see how people are connected on LinkedIn.
  • Professional Endorsements – Your peers and other professionals can endorse your skills and talents.
  • Groups – Join different groups to stay on top of your niche and industry.
  • Build Your Profile – Create an in-depth profile that highlights your jobs, skills, photo, education, etc. It’s basically an online resume for recruiters to see.
  • Messaging – Use the built-in messaging system to network with others.
  • Company Research – Learn more about potential employers before you head to a job interview or apply for a job.
  • Content – Write and publish content to establish your expertise and credibility.
  • Job Listings – Many different employers post job listings on LinkedIn.
  • Recommendations – Allow other professionals to recommend you online.
  • Visibility – Be seen and heard on LinkedIn. Join the community and interact.

LinkedIn is basically an all in one job search stop – and you can do it all from the comfort of your own couch! Let’s take a look at a few more statistics that will convince you to sign up for or tweak your LinkedIn account:

  • 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates
  • LinkedIn hosts approximately 3 million job listings
  • 130,000 posts are published weekly
  • 10 million users highlight volunteering on their profile
  • The most overused word in 2014: Motivated
  • 11x more likely to get a profile view if you have a photo
  • 13x more likely to get a profile view if you list skills
  • The hottest skill that got people hired in 2014: Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Join LinkedIn. You can set up a free account today. Use it to network and find jobs. It is literally a job seeker’s best friend. Build your personal brand and join the other 300 million users on LinkedIn, you’ll be glad you did.

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