February 3, 2014

Monday Markets: Green Collar Jobs, Part II

Last week, I talked with you about the emerging market of green sector employment.

Well, ever since that post, I can’t seem to log into my email without a news story about the green industry arriving in my inbox. I wanted to share some of these recent articles with you, because no matter what kind of job you do, the greening of our economy is going to be a top priority (or at least it should be!).

Green Building and Focusing on Environmental Impact is Becoming Standard Across Many States

So while you’re working on resume writing and figuring out your next career move, take a few moments to ponder on how your skills can help contribute to the emergence of a greener economy.

The prolific author Thomas Friedman, whose newest book Hot, Flat and Crowded makes the case for why America needs a green revolution, has a spot-on op-ed piece in Saturday’s New York Times about the need to green the bailout of the financial markets.

He writes:

Indeed, when this bailout is over, we need the next president — this one is wasted — to launch an E.T., energy technology, revolution with the same urgency as this bailout. Otherwise, all we will have done is bought ourselves a respite, but not a future. The exciting thing about the energy technology revolution is that it spans the whole economy — from green-collar construction jobs to high-tech solar panel designing jobs.

Friedman maintains (convincingly, I might add) that his expanded vision of the green collar industry is the future of the American economy.  It’s Roosevelt’s public works projects for the 21st century. And just like that great national back-to-work initiative, this one will also be paving new roads — this time toward the destination of sustainability.  It’s pretty awe-inspiring, actually.  So if you are wondering what direction to go with your career, I’d say green collar work is worth a long, hard look.

In a similar vein, the DailyGreen.com reported on Saturday about rallies happening in some 600 cities across America, calling not only for green solutions to our energy crises, but also to our economic crisis.  Planned by Green Jobs Now, these rallies sent the message to local and national leaders: “We’re ready for green jobs now!”  Check your local Sunday paper to read coverage of your town’s Green Jobs rally.

Finally, don’t forget to check out JobMonkey’s extensive section on Green Collar Careers, and search for your next position on our Green Collar Job Board.

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