January 26, 2014

16 Easy Ways To Be More Confident At Work

How would you define confidence? Business Insider defines confidence as a “natural expression of ability, expertise, and self-regard.” Does this sound like you?  Confidence is a very important personality trait. It can help you communicate, get ahead at work, find your dream job, and just plain enjoy life. Do want to be more confident at work or in your job search?

Being unsure of yourself is more common that you might realize. Starting a new job, applying for jobs, going for interviews, learning new skills, making mistakes, or having a poor relationship with your co-workers can cause people to lose confidence. Being confident at work is important if you want to succeed. People respect confidence. Are you a confident person?

It’s important to know who you are and what you are capable of. If you want to be more confident at work,  here are a few easy steps to help you boost your confidence:

  1. Stick to your decisions
  2. Don’t apologize
  3. Picture success and strive for it
  4. Improve your posture
  5. Assume that people like you
  6. Talk to people
  7. Be positive
  8. Eat healthy
  9. Know your strengths and weaknesses
  10. Be honest
  11. Say thank you
  12. Maintain eye contact
  13. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  14. Take responsibility for your actions
  15. Listen to what others have to say
  16. Ask for help

How many of these things do you already do? Start with one or two of these things. Add them to your daily routine and see how you feel at the end of the day. Stick with it for a while and see if the new, confident you gets more results. Most likely you will.

Being confident is a common personality trait of successful people. If you want to be get ahead in life, it’s important to be confident. It’s challenging to make a change in who you are, but it’s well worth it. Take the step to being more confident at work seriously and you won’t regret it. Confidence can take you lots of places if you let it.

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