September 9, 2019

How To Be The Most Interesting Person In The Room

Are you interesting? Do you have a natural charisma that attracts people to you? Can you carry a conversation with just about anyone? Have you ever wondered how you could be the most interesting person in a room? Wouldn’t it make networking so much easier? It’s easy to be a wallflower, but it’s totally within your power to be to more interesting too.

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We all know that life is all about who you know. The way to meet people is by networking. Networking is one of the most important skills you can have. It takes practice and dedication to build a vast professional network. It’s challenging, but it can certainly be done by you or by anyone. It’s all about being the most interesting person in the room.

Not many of us are like the gentleman explorer from the Dos Equis commercial who is dubbed the “Most Interesting Man In The World,” but what if you were? Interesting people are humble, generous, inclusive, positive, confident, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. Their persona is contagious, but they do other things that make them interesting too.

If you want to take your networking game to the next level, try the following things. They are bound to make you more interesting.

  1. Do Cool Things – Go out and experience life. It will give you something to talk about. No one wants to hear how you sat on the couch and watched a movie marathon. Go outside, get some culture, and experience life. Try something new. It will give you something to talk about.
  2. Read More – Read magazines, books, blogs, newspapers, or websites. Reading supplies you with information, trivia, and knowledge. This makes it easier to find common ground and keep a conversation flowing.
  3. Watch The News – Stay up-to-date on current events. You need to know what is affecting you and the world. Tune in to the news online or watch the news on TV everyday to know what’s going on. You can do it while you’re eating breakfast.
  4. Go Tech Free – Put your smart phone or watch on silent. Don’t check your text messages or email when it chimes or beeps. Be engaged with other people, not with technology.
  5. Ask Questions – Even if people find you fascinating, ask questions about them. Be interested in what other people do. Always have a question ready to go. People love to talk about themselves.
  6. Listen – Make eye contact and listen to what other people say. Discover how to be a better listener.
  7. Mind Your Body Language – Your body says things your mouth would never say. Note what your body does during a conversation, is it saying what you want it to say? Is it inviting and engaging or standoffish and rude?
  8. Find Common Ground – The more you know and experience, the easier it is to find common topics that will interest everyone in the conversation.
  9. Rehearse Your Story – Have your 30-second resume ready to go. It’s a great conversation starter.
  10. Practice – If this is your first attempt at being interesting, you might fail. Don’t sweat it. The more you practice the easier networking will become.

To be the most interesting person in the room, you need to be confident, smile and have things to talk about. Do that and people will be intrigued by you.

If it’s time to fine tune your networking, use these tips to make it happen. You’ll be impressed with the results.

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