July 28, 2013

How To Find A Networking Event Near You

Networking is the single best way to get ahead. Life is all about who you know and the more that you network, the more contacts and professional links you will have. According to FlexJobs, nearly 80% of jobs are filled by word of mouth through contacts. Do you know how to find a networking event near you?

In order to be successful, you need to network. Your contacts are the people who give you job leads, write references, supply recommendations, and support you in your job search. If you need some networking tips, JobMonkey is a great resource

Some argue that for every hour you spend searching and applying for jobs on a job board you need to spend double that time networking. Get out and have a bit of face time. Head to conventions, networking events, conferences, meetings, even the local coffee shop. You never know where you will meet people.

Do you know about these networking sites?

LinkedIn Events

Some of these sites have fees. Others offer free info on professional and hobby events. Either way, check them out and find an event near you.

When you arrive, have your story ready. You’ll meet lots of people, but you want them to remember you. Try to introduce yourself and then have something to say – avoid the awkward silence. It’s also important to be interested in the other person. Remember, it’s not all about you.

Networking is about making contacts, not finding jobs. Get to know people. Be a people person. Hand out your business card and be sure to add your new contacts on LinkedIn.

Once you get started, networking grows exponential. Stay in touch with your contacts and call in your favors when you need them.

Once you have an established network, search and apply for jobs on the JobMonkey Job Center.

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