July 14, 2009

Tuesday Tips: Never Stop Learning

Life-long learning is the key to a satisfying career (and probably to a satisfying life, but that might extend beyond the realm of my expertise!) Technology, business practices and even cultural norms are constantly changing and adapting.

In order to stay current — or, better yet, ahead of the curve — you need to be able to understand and respond to those changes.

Even if you have a PhD, your knowledge of current practices quickly becomes outdated unless you engage in career development and enrichment. Some careers even require you to undergo a certain number of hours of continuing education each year. Educators, nurses and other medical professionals, for example, are required to stay abreast of new techniques and research findings. But even if your employer does not mandate career training, staying up-to-date on industry trends and developments is the best way to make yourself marketable — regardless of the economy.

Many career development classes are now being offered online, which is an increasingly popular option for busy professionals. With distance learning, you have the flexibility to fit your class work into your schedule — rather than the other way around. To learn more about online career development, be sure to visit JobMonkey’s newest section on career training.

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