June 14, 2010

Non-Teaching Jobs Abroad – What Else is There?

It’s hard to deny that the most popular position for people working abroad is teaching – English tutors and teachers are in very high demand throughout Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Overseas jobs are almost synonymous with teaching English – especially in non-English speaking countries.

While teaching abroad can be a lucrative, rewarding way to make money while living in a foreign country it simply isn’t the right fit for anyone. So if you are looking to work abroad but aren’t sure exactly what you want to do, here are some of the most popular non-teaching work opportunities overseas.

It is important to keep in mind that you can do virtually any job abroad that you can do in the States or your home country. Doctors, lawyers, financial analysts, nurses can all find work in foreign countries, or might even be transferred by their company or organization. This list focuses on jobs for people for whom travel and culture is just as important as the work itself, and jobs that can be undertaken on a temporary or seasonal basis.

Hotels and Resorts

So how can you make money working abroad if a teaching gig isn’t your thing? Many people who are looking for fun and sun turn to tourism jobs abroad. Resorts, hotels and spas often hire young people to work front desk and hospitality jobs, and others with special skills can serve as swimming, skiing, or other outdoor sport instructors for travelers.

The best part of hotel and resort jobs abroad is that you could manage to find yourself in an endless summer? The temporary nature of tourism allows for lots of travel, giving you the chance to take advantage of warmer climates in the Northern Hemisphere for half of the year before heading south to Australia and South America during the colder months in USA.

Some of the hottest spots for tourism jobs right now are the Caribbean Islands and Latin America, as summer vacations send many North Americans to tropical paradise.  Most resorts are year-round, even staying open during the rainy or hurricane seasons – this means plenty of opportunities to find rewarding work abroad.

Another fun option, if slightly less glamorous, is working at a youth hostel. Youth hostels are generally small boarding houses for young travelers that offer no-frills lodging at a lower cost than hotels.  Youth hostels abroad generally see a relatively high turnover of backpackers and around-the-world travelers from every area of the globe. Working at a hostel is great for outgoing individuals who speak the local language and can answer questions about local nightspots, cheap eats and transportation. While hostel jobs can be low-paying, many offer “free-loading” or free accommodation at the hostel in exchange for a few hours of labor per week.

Cruise Ship Jobs

Similar to hotel and resort jobs, working on a cruise ship can be a great way to see the world! Traveling from port to port, across the many oceans and seas is a great option for someone with hospitality in mind, but who doesn’t necessarily want to stay in the same place for very long.

Working on a cruise ship can involve food service, customer care and jobs like those you might find at a hotel. But another important aspect of cruise ship employment is entertainment. If you play an instrument, are an ace photographer, enjoy personal training or love working with kids, there is probably a place for you in the cruise line industry. Check out JobMonkey’s Section on Cruise Line Employment.

Au Pair Jobs Abroad

Probably second to teaching English is working as a au pair for a family abroad. This is an excellent option for someone who is looking to stay in one place for a while and really get to know the culture and or language of their chosen destination.

Overseas au pair jobs cover a wide range of responsibilities. Some are live-in full time jobs, while others might be after-school or evenings and weekends. Some families will require a certification, or a certain education and have education goals for the children (like learning English or another foreign language) while others might be basic childcare.

Au Pair jobs typically pay salaries at the lower end of the scale, but many offer benefits like room and board, transportation costs…even health insurance!

This is only the tip of the iceberg of jobs abroad! You can truly (as stated above) to pretty much any type of job in a foreign country that you can do in your home country. But if you are looking to get up and go, and need to line up some work relatively quickly, these jobs are an excellent place to start.

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