October 4, 2015

12 Nonprofit Organizations That You Should Work For

Many people overlook the fantastic opportunities offered by nonprofit organizations during their job search. Make sure that you include nonprofits on your job search radar – they offer some incredible opportunities for jobs, internships, and volunteers.

Nonprofits, or NPOs, operate like any normal business. The only exception is that they have to qualify for a non-profit status known as 501c3. These charitable employers utilize a business model that doesn’t earn a profit for individual purposes, but they focus on the greater good.

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Learn More About Nonprofit Organizations

There are nonprofit organizations in many different sectors and niches – religion, service, disaster relief, awareness, environment, education, art, health, and many other causes. This means that when you are searching for a nonprofit job you can find an organization that aligns with your passions, beliefs, and values. There aren’t many jobs where you can truly feel “good” about what you do on a daily basis.

There’s no question about it – working for a nonprofit is a rewarding experience. With over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations operating in the United States, it can be hard to pinpoint the perfect nonprofit for you to work at. Here are 12 nonprofit organizations that you should work for:

  1. Teach For America
  2. Volunteers For Peace
  3. The Nature Conservancy
  4. YMCA
  5. Appalachian Trail Conservancy
  6. World Wildlife Fund
  7. National Audubon Society
  8. CIEE
  9. Doctors Without Borders
  10. GreenPeace
  11. American Red Cross
  12. Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Of course there are other non profits that might interest you too. TopNonProfits.com features a list of the top 100 nonprofits that’s worth checking out. Maybe you’ve heard of National Public Radio, United Way, ASPCA, Creative Commons, Make-A-Wish Foundation, or GoodWill? There are so many quality nonprofits to choose from.

Find A NonProfit Job

Nonprofit organizations employ nearly 8% of the US workforce and the majority of those workers truly respect their employer. Whether you’re building a resume or seeking a job, maybe it’s time that you get involved with a nonprofit organization. Are you ready to find a “.org” job?

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