March 28, 2009

Work Study Retreat Program

We all have a desire for meaningfulness in our work. We may even long for our work to nurture us and provide us with avenues for growth.

Nestled among the Redwoods on the northern Californian coast in Sonoma County sits the developing Buddhist retreat center, Ratna Ling. Here a dedicated group have come together to create a community offering a life style which combines work with personal and spiritual growth. Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku over 35 years ago founded group of organizations in the San Francisco Bay area for the purpose of giving Westerners a doorway to the Tibetan Buddhist teachings through work as service.

Over the years many hundreds of people of all ages from around the world have participated in the work-study, volunteer and internship programs centered in Berkeley and Sonoma County. Providing housing, vegetarian meals, evening classes and a stipend allows a lifestyle which can include study, practice and skill development in an atmosphere of positivity and mindfulness.

If you have a sincere interest in Buddhism, like to work hard and are willing to view work as a source of learning and personal growth you may find the Nyingma work-study programs a perfect match!

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