November 3, 2013

10 Reasons Why Working In An Office Is Killing You

Would you enjoy sitting in one place for eight hours a day, five days a week? Most people wouldn’t volunteer for this. Yet, hundreds of million people in the US do this for a living.

It doesn’t sound fun and it’s incredibly unhealthy. Here are a few reasons your office is killing you:

  1. Sitting – Sitting doesn’t burn many calories. It promotes bad posture. It increases your chances of heart disease. Being sedentary for most of the day is not healthy.
  2. Commuting – Driving can lead to weight problems and heart disease. Plus, it’s terrible for the environment.
  3. Bad Posture – You should sit with your feet flat and your spine aligned at all times. Do you do that? Good posture is something we all need to strive for.
  4. Germs – Your co-workers, keyboards, phones,  elevators, bathrooms expose you to tons of germs every day.
  5. Technology Overload – Many gadgets you use, like printers, copiers, and computers, produce headaches, cause blurry vision, and some even give off toxic odors!
  6. Boredom – Did you know that being bored makes you more likely to die at a young age from heart disease or stroke?
  7. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – If you’re on a computer, you know how to type. Did you also know that typing to much can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome?
  8. Stress – Take a deep breath. Stress can cause high blood pressure. It isn’t very fun to be stressed out.
  9. Overtime – You need a work life balance. Without one stress levels increase and no one enjoys being stressed out.
  10. Sick Building Syndrome – This is also known as poor air quality. Recycled air is never as nice as fresh air. Go outside and try a few breaths. What do you think?

Heart disease, carpal tunnel, polluted lungs, high blood pressure. blurry vision, headaches, germs – they all sound like things we should avoid, right? Take five minutes and go outside. Breath deeply. Enjoy the fresh air and think about what you’re doing with your life. Your office  is killing you slowly. Discover additional reasons that your office is unhealthy on Business Insider.

Most people will work in an office at some point in their lives, but there are other options out. Maybe a better “office” option for you could be the beach, a chairlift, a boat, or construction site.

We want you to stay healthy. That’s why we have thousands of job listings on the JobMonkey Job Board. Many of them involve being outdoors or escaping the traditional “office” setting. Be healthy and make the right choices. Do something you enjoy with your life. You’ll be happier and live longer.

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