March 30, 2009

In the News: Online Degrees Thriving During Recession

CNN reported earlier this month that enrollment in online degree programs and professional certifications is booming during the economic recession.

For those who have been laid off (or fear being laid off), working on an online degree can be an easy and convenient way to enhance their resumes while still having plenty of time to job search.

Online programs are upping their marketing ante to focus on attracting career changers. And it isn’t just the slogans that are changing. A number of new programs have been created to target the most in-demand, recession-proof fields, such as nursing and education.

Penelope Trunk (one of my favorite career bloggers) is quoted in the article as saying that finishing up a Bachelors degree online is a wise investment, but working toward a Masters degree won’t give you as much bump for your money. Instead, she suggests, volunteering at a company you want to work for.  I’ve posted here on the blog a number of times about how to volunteer your way into a new job, but Penelope’s idea is a novel twist on the concept.

If you are considering an online degree, here are some past JobMonkey blog posts you may want to read through:

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