November 27, 2016

The Best Places To Work In 2016 According To

Whenever we see an article about The Best Places To Work, we immediately click on it. It’s always fascinating to find out what companies topped the charts. A variety of sources compile lists like this ever year, but the one list that we always look forward is’s annual list of the 100 Best Places To Work.

Happy employee sits back at office and enjoys work’s list is one of our favorites because they highlight cool companies that you might not have heard of yet. Their list of “100 finalists showcases companies that make employee health and happiness a point of pride.” Based on OutsideOnline’s consistently cool content, we feel that their list of the best places to work meshes well with our audience at – that’s you.

Employers With The Best Perks & Benefits

In OutsideOnline’s Best Places To Work In 2016, you’ll find all sort of cool companies that do cool things. These employers are a bit out of the ordinary because they strive to make the workplace an exciting, healthy, happy, creative, and fun place to be. Find a job with one of these cool employers and you might have fridge stocked with beer, team-building hikes, profit sharing opportunities, spa days, ski passes, dog friendly offices, flexible work hours, or any number of cool things that anyone one of us would be envious of.

Let’s take a look at The Best Places To Work in 2016 according to

  1. Forum Phi – Aspen, Colorado
  2. GroundFloor Media – Denver, Colorado
  3. Southwest Michigan First – Kalamazoo, Michigan
  4. Ergodyne – St. Paul, Minnesota
  5. Shine United – Madison, Wisconsin
  6. TeamSnap – Boulder, Colorado
  7. Causely – Lexington, Kentucky
  8. Development Counsellors International – New York, New York
  9. Uproar PR – Orlando, Florida
  10. Pellucid Analytics – Boulder, Colorado
  11. ReadyTalk – Denver, Colorado
  12. GeoEx – San Francisco, California
  13. The Trade Desk – New York & Chicago
  14. Charles Cunniffe Architects – Aspen, Colorado
  15. Zen Planner – Denver, Colorado
  16. The Frontier Project – Richmond, Virginia
  17. Realeflow – Parma Heights, Ohio
  18. Inntopia – Stowe, Vermont
  19. Hanson Dodge Creative – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  20. Nemo Design – Portland, Oregon
  21. Cloud 9 Living – Broomfield, Colorado
  22. Mountain Hub – Park City, Utah
  23. Evoke at Entrada – Santa Clara, Utah
  24. Ecology Project International – Missoula, Montana
  25. Avid4 Adventure Boulder, Colorado
  26. Zozi – San Francisco, California
  27. Room 214 – Boulder, Colorado
  28. Apto – Denver, Colorado
  29. SlideBelts – Sacramento, California
  30. N2 Publishing – Wilmington, North Carolina
  31. RA Nelson – Vail, Colorado
  32. Wisetail – Bozeman, Montana
  33. Carmichael Lynch – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  34. Colle + McVoy – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  35. Sterling-Rice Group – Boulder, Colorado
  36. TDA Boulder – Boulder, Colorado
  37. Haberman – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  38. Alaska Small Business Development Center – Anchorage, Alaska
  39. BSW Wealth Partners – Boulder, Colorado
  40. The Honest Kitchen – San Diego, California
  41. Nei-Turner Media Group – Williams Bay, Wisconsin
  42. Go Ape – Frederick, Maryland
  43. G Adventures – Boston, Massachusetts
  44. StoneAge – Durange, Colorado
  45. Dry Corp – Wilmington, North Carolina
  46. Bluetent – Carbondale, Colorado
  47. Adaptive Sports Center – Crested Butte, Colorado
  48. SimplyHome – Asheville, North Carolina
  49. SheerID – Eugene, Oregon
  50. SportRX – San Diego, California

See What Companies Ranked 51 to 100 on

These companies operate in a wide variety of niches: PR, communications, travel agencies, architectural firms, consulting businesses,, IT, summer camps, treetop adventure companies, consumer products, technology, cloud marketing, brewer associations, ski resorts, wilderness associations, background check companies, dog gear makers, outdoor gear makers, shared economy, etc.

Most of these companies are relatively small businesses. When you’re searching for jobs and researching employers, it’s a good idea to look at smaller companies that have a reputation for taking care of their employees. If you’d prefer to work at one of the best small, medium, or large companies you’ll want to check out this post.

We also noticed that of the 50 companies featured in this post, 18 out of 50 are located in Colorado. Maybe you should search for jobs in Colorado!

Stop by to learn more about these businesses and get links to the company websites. Take a good look at this list of companies and put these employers on your job search radar. You can find cool companies like these that are hiring right now on the JobMonkey JobCenter. Apply for your next cool job today!

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