September 15, 2013

Using A Personal Logo To Market Yourself

Think about all the cool logos out there. Many are instantly recognizable – Nike, CocaCola, Facebook, Apple, Volkswagen. People see them and know what they mean. You may never be as big as these worldwide companies, but do you have a personal brand or logo? Having a personal logo is a great way to market yourself.

Logos can be a combination of symbols, words, fonts, and designs. There are no set rules, but try to incorporate something that relates to your profession such as a river for kayakers, plants for gardeners, or buildings for architects. Take a look at all of the business cards you’ve pocketed while networking. How many have a personal logo? Use some of those for inspiration to create your own personal logo.

You can use your personal logo on your website, business cards, social media, resumes, blogs, bumper stickers, and everywhere that you can. Ideally it will become a recognizable symbol of your professionalism.

Creating a personal logo is easy. Start with a doodle or tweak your initials. Relate your logo to your name or profession. You can even design a logo online at LogoMaker. Try to get inspired by what others have done with there personal logos here or here.

Personal branding and logos are a wonderful way to package your skills, experience, personality, and knowledge. Use your brand to sell yourself and help you find a job.

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