July 7, 2013

Writing A Professional Bio

Writing a professional bio can be a daunting task. It needs to be short, sweet, and to the point. It’s a quick way to compress your entire professional life into a couple of short paragraphs. That’s no easy task.

We all like to brag about ourselves, but putting it into writing is hard work. Eventually you will need to write your own bio. Maybe it’s for your website, LinkedIn profile, the company profile page, or as an introduction. A professional bio tells your story in an attention grabbing way that a business card can’t do.

A professional bio needs to include your title, position, publications, professional awards and mentions, work history, education, experience, philosophy. Some people like to include a sentence about their hobbies and personal life. You may want to make a bullet point list before you start to write.

Try to write a sentence about each of these topics. Then piece it together like a puzzle. Research other bios and see how they are pieced together. Ideally your bio needs to be written in the third person – don’t use I. Use he or she.

A professional bio needs to be well written and proofread before it is posted for the world to see. An attention grabbing bio is often your first introduction to clients. Spend the time to make it perfect.

A professional bio posted on your own website or blog might be the ticket to landing a job. Write one today and then go and apply for jobs on JobMonkeyJobs.

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