Pyrotechnical Jobs

Are you the type of person who is fascinated by fireworks?

Have you ever thought about being involved in a show from the production side of things?

People who work as pyrotechnicians take their love of fireworks, creativity and drive to put on a show that will thrill the crowd observing it.

pyrotechnical show photoMost people who are involved in this million dollar industry do so because they love everything to do with fireworks, but there are some paying jobs available.

People who choose to become involved with pyrotechnics are continuing a tradition that started approximately 1,000 years ago. The custom of setting off fireworks as a way to mark special celebrations is a long-standing one, and at one time it was thought that the loud noises would frighten away evil spirits. Now, we don’t worry nearly so much about spirits trying to attack us, but we still enjoy the sights and sounds of a well-planned fireworks display.


The best complement that a viewer can give to a pyrotechnician is to tell them that the show they put on ran smoothly and looked effortless. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, and the crew do their best to make everything run smoothly.

Being able to think logically and having good computer skills are essential traits for a person who is interested in working at fireworks shows.

Since a show operator needs to have a valid commercial driver’s license and a Hazmat endorsement, we tell you what the steps are to get these important credentials. The process for getting licensed as a pyrotechnician and becoming a certified shooter are also covered. We also share with you how the pay scale works for crew members working the shows. (Hint: For most of them, it is a labor of love as opposed to a main source of income.)

If you want to pursue your interest in setting off fireworks and possibly make some money doing it, then check out the helpful information in this section of Find out how to join a crew and get the training you need to turn your dream of participating in a fireworks show into a reality.

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