Pyrotechnics Links and Resources

American Pyrotechnics Association provides general safety information, a directory of state laws, and general information about the industry.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has information about commercial driver’s licensing requirements in the United States.

Transportation Security Administration’s Hazardous Materials Endorsement Application

Pyrotechnics Guild International is a non-profit organization offering membership to amateurs and professional fireworks enthusiasts alike. It offers training courses for people who want to become certified operators. Membership is not a prerequisite for taking a course. PGI holds seminars and workshops, as well as an annual convention in August each year. Links to clubs, operators and fireworks distributors are provided.

Elite Pyrotechnics has basic information about fireworks, along with show designs, a guide to taking photographs of fireworks shows, safety tips and more. A list of qualifications for those who want to work in the pyrotechnics industry is also provided.


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