January 31, 2016

16 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer

Congratulations! You just received a job offer. But just because you are offered a job doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

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Did you know that you don’t have to respond to a job offer immediately? It’s perfectly alright to say thank you and that you need to give it some thought. After all, a job is where you are going to spend a LOT of your time – is this really the right job for you?

Unless you’re absolutely desperate for work (and a paycheck), you need to carefully evaluate a job opportunity before you accept it. Brainstorm a list of questions to ask both yourself and your potential employer. Be sure to find out the answers.

Here are 16 questions to ask before accepting a job offer.

8 Questions To Ask The Company

  1. What is the start date?
  2. What hours will I be working?
  3. Are there any opportunities for telecommuting?*
  4. When does the employer need a final decision by?
  5. Is the salary negotiable? Is it competitive?
  6. What perks and benefits are included?
  7. Do you offer insurance coverage?
  8. Can I get everything in writing?

8 Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Are you excited to work for this company?
  2. Do you truly understand your job role?
  3. Will this job ultimately lead you in the right direction for you personal career goals?
  4. Are you going to enjoy this job?
  5. Are you passionate about this niche?
  6. Is there room for advancement?
  7. Are you in the right location for you?
  8. Do you like your immediate supervisor?

These questions will help you determine if this is the best job for you. If it is the perfect job, jump on the opportunity. If it isn’t, then politely decline the job offer.

Is This The Right Job For You?

There are plenty of job opportunities out there. Just take a look at the JobMonkey JobCenter. There are thousands of job listings there and it’s updated daily. When you find the right job for you, you’ll know it. Then going to work will be something you look forward to. Be patient in your job search. It’s worth it.

* One of our newsletter readers and a very seasoned recruiter pointed out that in some cases, this question can cause red flags for the recruiter, so use your best judgement. Here is what he said “This would signal to me that the potential employee has an issue with coming to work every day and being on time. Unless the job applied for is one in which the industry norm includes telecommuting.”

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