August 13, 2009

Reader Mailbag: Send me your questions!

I love to field questions from our readers. We have had a lot of readers write in recently from abroad, wanting to know about working in the United States. Are you wondering about how to work as a foreign national? You might find some helpful hints in this Mailbag from a German reader wanting to work at Disney World.  And here’s one from an Austrian high school student who wants to work at a U.S. ski resort.

And hey, remember this Mailbag from a reader in Vermont, wanting to know how to use social media to network for a new job? I posted a quick tutorial on using LinkedIn to find a job. Well guess what? James followed up with me last week, to let me know that he found a new job in IT … through a contact he met on LinkedIn!

What’s your success story? Leave us a comment so we can celebrate with you!

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