November 24, 2013

Design An Awesome Resume With These Resume Tips

Six seconds. That’s all the time you have to impress a recruiter with your resume. That’s how long it takes for a recruiter to browse your resume and make a decision about you as a candidate. That’s not a lot of time.

As you can imagine, you need to spend the time to create a resume that grabs the recruiters attention and lands you the interview. That’s a big task, but it’s easily within your grasp – even a dummy can follow these resume tips.

Designing a resume that makes you look like an all-star isn’t that hard to do if you follow some basic resume tips. Let’s start at the top of the page and work our way down:

  • Name and Contact Info – This goes at the very top of the page. Make it stand out. Include your name, address, phone number, email, website. Definitely don’t forget your name!
  • Write an Objective (if you want to) – Do it right after your contact info. Writing an objective is optional and can result in you not getting hired as often as it will land you the job.
  • Experience – Jobs, internships, and volunteering are all fair game. Include the employer, the job title, and the dates. Then add bullet points to highlight what you did. Be specific and use action words and numbers to help bring your accomplishments to life. Keep your experience relevant. If you’re applying to be a banker, you don’t need to list the summer job painting houses during college. List it chronologically with the most recent job at the top.
  • Certifications, Awards, and Memberships – If you’re certified or a member of something related to the job, list it. This  shows you are dedicated and qualified.
  • Skills – Only list them if they are unique and relevant, such as specific computer program skills. Skip them if you just want to note that you’re a people person or really good at Fantasy Football
  • Education – You don’t have to have a university degree to be successful. If you have one, list it at the end of the resume. Include the school name, your degree, and the year you graduated.
  • Hobbies – Your hobbies won’t land you the job. You can always mention your hobbies in a job interview if you need to.
  • References – Most career experts say not to list your references on your resume. Only supply them when asked.

There’s a lot of information to supply in a short amount of space. You have to weave all of your professional life into a page (or two). When you’re designing your resume, you also want to consider fonts, white space, keywords, and the position you are applying for. Plus, there are always a few things you would NEVER want to include on your resume.

To discover more  resume  tips, head over to Business Insider. If you’re feeling bold, or you’re applying for a creative job, you may want to consider including an infographic resume with you “normal” resume.

The goal of the resume is to make yourself look awesome, show your accomplishments, and leave the recruiters wanting to learn more about you. It’s certainly a challenge to write a killer resume, but you can do it. If you enjoy these resume tips, maybe you could make a living as a resume writer?

When you’re resume is ready to go, be sure to post it on your JobMonkeyJobs account.

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