April 7, 2009

Search for Alaska Summer Jobs

Having been to Alaska several times during the summer months I can tell you: the state is unlike all others. If you like wildlife and natural beauty, then Alaska is where you should work this summer. Why hang out locally to work retail or in an office – especially if you can make as much or more money in Alaska? Be adventurous and nail down a summer job in Alaska – an unforgettable summer job!

Alaska State Map

Search our special job board highlighting current Alaska summer job listings. You could find yourself working in Denali National Park at a lodge or Glacier Bay on a small cruise ship or seaside resort. The tourism industry in Alaska is bustling and operates non-stop between mid-May and mid-October making it perfect for college students. Or anyone who can carve out time during that period. Cruise lines and tour companies need ship- and shore-based staff to fill thousands of jobs: waitstaff, guest services, tour bus drivers, naturalists, guides, bartenders, and much more. Furthermore, the Alaska seafood industry needs workers every summer. Work in a processing plant or at sea on a fishing boat harvesting salmon. Nothing could be more memorable than spending a summer in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Learn more in the Alaska Summer Jobs section of JobMonkey and on the job board.

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