September 17, 2015

755,000 Seasonal Workers Needed ASAP

It’s September. Most people aren’t thinking about the holidays yet, but employers certainly are. According to CNBC, retailers and shippers are expected to hire 755,000 seasonal workers during the last three months of 2015. That’s about the same number of seasonal workers as last year.

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If you need a job or want to take on a few more hours of work, then you need to find a seasonal gig. Shippers and retailers are hiring right now in anticipation of the holiday rush. This is the perfect opportunity to find a temporary job – and once you’re in, it’s not too hard to turn a part time job into a full time career.

As of now, the following retailers and shippers have plans to hire a lot of seasonal workers:

  • Wal-Mart – 60,000
  • UPS – 95,000
  • Toys R Us – 40,000
  • Kohl’s – 69,000
  • Target – 70,000
  • FedEx – 55,000

And other retailers are hiring in their retail departments, distribution centers, warehouses, and online too. Keep your eyes out for holiday job listings from employers like Macy’s, USPS, Amazon, and more.

These companies absolutely need to hire people to meet the holiday demand. Yet according to the Wall Street Journal, they are struggling to find workers. This is due to low unemployment rates and e-commerce opportunities for consumers. But the result isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as many “retailers and delivery companies expect to have to raise starting pay in some places.” That’s great news for job seekers!

Job seekers get your applications ready! Recruiters are going to be busy trying to fill this many jobs. Companies are starting the hiring process for the holidays right now. We’ve noticed job listings popping up on the JobMonkey JobCenter, but the news headlines are filled with seasonal hiring plans too. Here are a few that caught our eye:

New headlines are coming in regularly about the holiday hiring craze. This is your opportunity to find a job. Search thousands of job listings on the JobCenter today. Good luck!

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