January 12, 2014

9 Secret Resume Tips That Will Get You Noticed

Did you know that most recruiters only spend between 15 and 30 seconds looking at your resume? That’s shocking. People spend lots of time fine tuning, tweaking, and editing resumes. It’s IMPORTANT! The resume is your ticket to getting an interview and eventually a job. Yet recruiters, browse, sift, and sort resumes all day everyday. How can you make your resume stand out?

Your resume compiles your entire professional experience, certifications, associations, skills, and education into one (or two) pages. It’s a masterpiece that tells your story. Without a super solid resume, you stand no chance of ever landing a job.

When you send off your resume, it’s your first impression. Don’t mess it up! You need it to stand out and impress recruiters, but you’ve only got 15 seconds. Here are a few secret resume tips that will help you take your job search to the next level:

  1. Customize your resume to each job you apply for. Recruiters will know if you mass produce a generic resume.
  2. Put the important stuff first. Even though you may be very proud of your typing skills, your work experience is more likely to get you an interview.
  3. Relate your resume to the specific job you are applying for. Dial in your keyword usage. If it’s specific in the job description, it better be specific in your resume too.
  4. Show your past performance. Use specific words, numbers, and details to tell how your work positively affects your employer.
  5. Be creative, but keep it classy. Use the space on your resume effectively. Make the resume visually appealing, but don’t make it over the top. Creativity will stand out, but not always in a good way.
  6. Take advantage of spell check and grammar check. Proofread your resume multiple times, then have someone else do it.Always allow your friends to read your resume before you send it off. They will spot mistakes you will miss. Be ready to accept constructive criticism.
  7. Let your resume show your true self. Your resume is your first chance to impress a recruiter. Let your resume tell your story with specific, hire-worthy details.
  8. Invest time to get to the know the industry, employers, and jobs. Your network and research can help you know what experience, certifications, associations, and education will look good to a recruiter.
  9. Don’t lie. A huge percentage of job seekers embellish the truth on their resumes. Don’t be that person. There is no quicker way to get your resume tossed in the trash.

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It’s up to you to craft the perfect resume for you. Take advantage of these secret resume tips to make your resume unique. The general trends in these secret resume tips is to be specific and customize it. Be honest in what you write, but show the recruiter what they want to see.

If you’re having trouble writing the perfect resume, feel free to contact a resume writer for help. These professionals know even more secret resume tips that will make you shine in ways you never new possible.

When you’re ready, be sure to upload your resume to JobMonkeyJobs for safe keeping and easy access. Good luck!

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