December 22, 2013

Ski Patrol Jobs

It’s winter time. So far it’s been a snowy season. Almost every ski resort across the country is open for the holidays. People from all over the world are hitting the slopes to make some turns, enjoy the mountains, and play in the snow. Wintertime is a blast!

Of the hundreds of ski resorts across the United States, every single one has a professional ski patrol. Ski patrollers have one of the coolest (and most important) jobs on the ski hill. It’s true. Ski patrollers make sure that the mountain is safe.

Ski patrollers work outdoors in whatever  weather the mountain throws their way. They start work early in the morning and are on the slopes until the last chair. It’s their job to ensure guests are as safe as possible at all times.

Working on ski patrol means you have to be ready for anything. You may deal with a medical emergency, a ski accident, life evacuations, snow safety, or finding lost items. Some ski patrollers even get to use explosives to ensure snow safety! Never knowing what to expect is part of the adventure – plus, you get plenty of skiing in your “work” day.

You can learn more about ski patrol jobs on JobMonkey. There’s even a cool video about life as a ski patroller here.

Ski patrolling is a seasonal, winter job that takes place in cool mountain towns across the country. It’s a great way to escape the 9 to 5 world of cubicles. Are you ready to work in a super cool place?

If you’re ready for a bit of mountain adventure, have a keen eye for safety, strong skiing or snowboarding skills, and are always prepared for whatever may happen, then a ski patrol job may be the right path to pursue.

Check out the job board to find ski patrol jobs! Apply today.

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