March 30, 2014

11 Ways To Spend Less Money Now

Money management is a skill you need to improve on. It’s important to make a budget and stick to it. To survive in this world, you need to spend less money than you earn. We know it’s a crazy concept, but it’s true!

Being frugal takes focus. Here are a few tips to help you spend less money:

  1. Take Advantage of Freebies – Get books and DVDs from the Library. Make long distance calls via Skype. Choose a bank with no fees and free ATMs. Book flights that offer free baggage. Drink tap water. Don’t pay for something if you don’t have too.
  2. Use Coupons – Little savings can add up quick. Get coupons online or in the paper.
  3. Only Buy The Necessities – If you don’t need something, don’t buy it. Frivolous purchases are easy to make and they add up quickly.
  4. Carpool – Sharing in the cost of car maintenance and gas can save you a boat load in cash.
  5. Try Generic Brands – You almost always pay more for name brand items.
  6. Be Energy Efficient – Turn off the lights. Drop the temperature a few degrees. When you use less energy, you save lots of money.
  7. Ask For A Raise – Here are a few tips to ask for a raise!
  8. Use Cash – Don’t create any more debt. Pay it off.
  9. DIY – If you can do it yourself, don’t outsource it.
  10. Eat At Home (And Make Your Own Coffee!) – Explore your pantry. There is probably lots of food in there that you forgot about. Eating out and buying coffee is pricey!
  11. Use Free Job Search Options – JobMonkeyJobs is one of the best cool job search engines out there. It’s totally free!

Get some more money saving tips from our friends at Business Insider. We think that the most important thing you can do is to make a budget. Figure out your costs and plan accordingly.

When you spend less money, you’ll be able to save money and plan for the future. Maybe you can buy that cool new toy you’ve always wanted, fund your IRA, save for future unemployment, or be able to relocate. It’s smart to save money. The only way to do it is to spend less money. Use the tips above to help you spend less money. You’re bank account will be happy and so will you.

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