November 20, 2014

Spotlight: Santa Claus Jobs

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s nearly Christmas time and malls and department stores are hiring fun loving folks to dress up and be Santa Claus for the holiday season. Could this be the perfect job for you?

Being Santa Claus is a short term, temporary gig that booms between Thanksgiving (next week!) and Christmas day. Nearly every mall employs a jolly old fellow to sit on a Christmas throne surrounded by elves and holiday helpers and to play the role Santa Claus. Do you have what it takes to spread joy and holiday cheer to children and parents around the world?

Learn More About Mall Santa Claus Jobs

Thousands of parents bring their children to see Santa every year. Long lines of naughty and nice children wait patiently for their opportunity to sit on Santa’s knee and tell him their holiday wish list – and of course get their photo taken with the man in the floppy hat, spectacles, and big fluffy white beard.

It’s Santa’s job to welcome each child, listen to their wishes, and smile for the photos. You better smile for every child even if they are screaming or crying because it’s part of the job. If you’re not full of holiday cheer, this might not be the job for you.

Most people assume that they need to look like Santa to get this job. While a robust, jolly, bearded applicant is ideal, many malls and department stores are keen to hire non-traditional Santas or are willing to help you look the part.

If you’re super keen to become Santa Claus, you can attend “Santa School.” Yes, this really does exist. Find the links to Santa Schools and all things related to Mall Santa Jobs on JobMonkey’s Santa Jobs page.

There are so many opportunities for you to don the big red suit and be Santa Claus. Plus, the pay is actually really good. Many Santa’s can pull in $5,000 to $15,000 in total over the holiday season according to Time Magazine. How does that compare to your day job?

Are you keen to be Santa this holiday season? It’s not to late to find a mall Santa Claus job. You can try your job search on the JobMonkey Job Board, but you may have more luck heading to your local mall or department store.

Get your resume and cover letter ready and start looking for Santa Claus Jobs ASAP. This unique job is only available for a few weeks each year, so go apply for Santa Claus jobs today!

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