July 12, 2014

Stay Focused When Working From A Hammock

Ok first off, if you’re working from a hammock, life is good. You’ve obviously figured out how to work remotely and telecommute. Congratulations. We are all envious of you – and not just because we love how comfortable hammocks are!

In all seriousness, lots of people have figured out how to do work from any location of their choice. Maybe they are a software developer, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a travel writer, or any number of other cool jobs. There are plenty of cool jobs where employers don’t care where or when you do your work, as long as you get it done. It takes determination, motivation, and self control to not get distracted. The biggest challenge of this type of job is staying FOCUSED.

If you work in a place that isn’t a traditional office, it’s easy to get distracted. It happens to everyone. Whether it be the dog barking, the postman knocking, a powder day, or the waves calling your name – distractions are everywhere. According to USA Today, 50 percent of Americans are distracted within 15 minutes of starting work and 53% waste at least an hour a day because of disruptions.

Try to use the following tips to help you stay focused:

  • To-Do List – Write a to do list of what you need to accomplish. When you finish it, cross it out. Seeing what you’ve done and what you’ve finished helps to motivate you. One good idea is to make make your to do list public so others can see what you are going to accomplish today.
  • Eliminate Distractions – Turn off your phone. Shut down Facebook. Don’t tweet.
  • Work hard, break hard. – Work in several hour bursts. Be productive for 2 or 3 hours, then go do something fun for an hour. The more you get done, the more you can reward yourself.
  • Get In A Routine – Routines help people to know what comes next. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it.
  • Have A Workplace – It can be a hammock or a desk, as long as you associate this spot with getting work done.
  • Make Your Work Fun – If you enjoy what you’re doing, it won’t be challenging to stay focused.
  • Be Organized – A messy desk will distract you. Clean it up and keep it tidy. You’ll be more productive.
  • Bring Snacks and Drinks – Have coffee and water close by so that you don’t have to get up multiple times. Straying from your desk is the easiest way to get distracted.
  • Prioritize – It’s usually best to do the hardest things first. Finish them and get them out of the way.
  • Don’t “Socialize” – Do not use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, or LinkedIn while you’re working.
  • Know Your Schedule – Are you a morning person or a night owl? If you start early in the day, you’ll have more time in the afternoon to do other things. On the flip side, if you work best at night, that’s when you should do your work.
  • When You’re Done, You’re Done – After you call it day, don’t do anymore work. Separating work and non-work activities will help you differentiate what you are doing. Don’t blur the lines between work and life.
  • Wear Headphones – This may not work for everyone. Try to listen to music so you can tune out everything that is not work related. We hear that classical music works better than gangster rap, but your music choice is your call.
  • Eat Regular Meals – A healthy diet can go a long way.

Staying focused can be challenging. Hopefully these tips will help you keep your eyes on the prize. If you can focus your attention, stay productive, and are efficient in your work ethics, you will have more time for you.

You may work in a cubicle maze in Dallas, a hammock in the Bahamas, or a small office in Seattle. Wherever you work, staying focused is paramount to you completing your work effectively and efficiently. Try the above tips and see how you can accomplish more things in less time. Good luck.

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