December 14, 2013

Do Stuntmen Have The Coolest Job Ever?

Do stuntmen have the coolest job ever? We think so.

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Does the thought of jumping off buildings, high speed car crashes, and sword fights make you smile? What if you could get paid to do all of these things? You could if you got a job as a stuntman.

Stuntmen spend their days doing all sorts of action packed things. Stuntmen are real life action heroes. They make the movies and television shows we love come to life by performing stunts. It’s a super cool job because everyday is different and every stunt is an adventure.

Carefully choreographed scenes allows stuntmen to plan, practice, rehearse and review stunts in the safest possibly ways. It’s important to remember that stuntmen are highly trained professionals. They work countless hours perfecting stunts in cool locales. Watch a few action movies and pay attention to what the stuntmen do to make their living. If you think it looks fun, consider trying to find a job in this cool niche.

It’s not an easy job to perform realistic stunts for the big screen. You have to have the right connections, be part of a union, and be willing to risk life and limb to get a short clip of footage that will be enjoyed by millions of people all over the world.

If you’re interested in becoming a stuntman, be sure to check out our Stuntman Industry Guide on the JobMonkey Unique Jobs page. There you can learn more about stuntmen, stunt schools, salaries, and find links that can make your stuntman dreams come true.

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