June 19, 2014

Teaching English As A Second Language (TESL) Jobs

Did you know that there are thousands of languages in the world? English is the third most spoken language on the planet. Nearly 5.43% of the world or 360 million people speak English. Only Mandarin and Spanish have more native speakers.

English is a very popular language to learn. There is a constant demand for qualified English teachers to help people learn the English language. If you can speak, write, and type English you’ll be able to find a job teaching English as a second language.

Teaching English as a Second Language, or TESL, is a fun way to find work all over the world. As an English teacher, you will help students develop their grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, ability to type, and more. There are many training programs that will teach you how to teach, certify you, and assist you with job placements.

When you begin your job search, you’ll find yourself in a sea of acronyms – ESL, TESL, TEFL, TESOL. You should research all of these variations, but the goal is all the same – teach people the basics of the English language. There are opportunities both in the US and abroad.

Learn more about Teaching English As A Second Language.

Teaching English is a fun way to earn a paycheck and see the world. You will often find passionate travelers teaching English in remote locations around the globe – Korea, China, Japan, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Peru. When you find a job teaching English, you might find yourself in more than 50 countries.

JobMonkey is a good resource for anyone interested in teaching English. You can find jobs in this cool niche on the JobMonkey Job Board. We also have several employers that might interest you:

Teaching English is a rewarding way to travel the world and get paid. Have fun.

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