February 10, 2009

The Best Places to Look for a Job Online

If you are looking for a job right now, odds are you have discovered that scouring the want ad’s in your local newspaper is like taking the road to nowhere.

The number one way to find a job is through networking — in person and online. Second to networking is searching job websites. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a high tech job or a low tech one, if an employer is going to post a job ad, they’re going to do it online.

Given that, do you know the best places to troll for a job? Here are 14 of the essential sites to bookmark for your job search. What makes these sites stand out? They are established, free, and updated frequently (in most cases, daily) with tons of new job leads. Check these sites each morning with your cup of coffee.

Without further adieu… the 14 best places to look for a job online:

1. JobMonkey — I hope by now you know that at JobMonkey, we have our own job boards. In fact, every Wednesday, I post three of the hottest listings from our board right here on the blog. You can search our treasure trove of jobs by category, region or key word. And, of course, the JobMonkey boards are free and updated daily!

2. SimplyHired — With nearly 3 million current job listings, Simply Hired is definitely living up to its claim as the biggest job search engine on the web.

3. Craigslist — You can find everything from a used mattress to a new job on Craigslist, including some high level positions (and lots of part-time and entry level gigs). Enter the Craigslist waters carefully, as they are fertile ground for scammers. Consider opening a separate email account just for online job apps from sites such as CL.

4. CollegeRecruiter — If you are a college student or a recent grad, you should definitely check out this College Recruiter. It features tons of entry-level positions and numerous internship opportunities as well.

5. Monster – The original job board, Monster not only offers an exhaustive listing of jobs, but also allows you to post your resume online for recruiters and potential employers to check out.

6. Career Builder — Like SimplyHired and Monster, CareerBuilder is a mega job search site with nearly 1,000,000 current job listings.

7. USAJobs — If you want a government job, look no further. USAJobs is the official job site of the U.S. Federal Government, with tens of thousands of job listings, plus tons of great information on working for the feds.

8. Indeed — Another mega job site, searchable by industry or location. According to its tag line, Indeed has added nearly a million new jobs  listings in the last week alone.

9. VetJobs — A great site for anyone who has served his or her country and is now looking to transition to civilian employment. Or, as the site’s tagline says, “a leading source for candidates with security clearances!”

10. SnagAJob — If you are looking for hourly employment, SnagAJob is the site for you. Just plug in your zip code and see what’s out there. These are not “get rich quick” jobs, but they are a good way to fill the hours between sending out resumes and going on interviews.

11. Net-Temps — Like SnagAJob, you probably won’t earn a million dollars from the jobs on this site. But if you want to find a temporary gig to tide you over while you job search, Net-Temps is worth a look.

12. Workopolis — For our Canadian friends, Workopolis is the biggest and best ranked job site.

13. The Ladders — This is the site for high paying jobs (for climbers of the corporate ladder) – people who command six figure-plus salaries. If nothing else, it’s fun to see what’s out there. According to the site’s disclaimer, all jobs are hand-screened and targeted specifically to your location and industry.

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