February 9, 2009

Top 10 Benefits of a Summer Job

Are you a college or high student looking for a summer job? The time to start your search is now. Be sure to check out JobMonkey’s featured employers, like Sea World in San Diego, California; Yellowstone General Stores in Bozeman, Montana; and the Alaska Princess Tours Cruise Line. All of these companies offer great summertime employment options.

Now, in addition to being a great way to earn money during your vacation, many summer jobs offer a host of other benefits* — many of which last a longer than your paycheck will. Here are ten of the top benefits of getting a summer job:

1.    You can get free or discounted room and board
2.    You can receive travel allowances to help defray the cost of travel
3.    You can earn bonuses for completing a summer contract
4.    You can earn a raise for every consecutive summer your return
5.    You can get free health care (especially if you work at a sleep-away summer camps and other outdoor jobs)
6.    You can have fun (while still being responsible)
7.    You can interact with potential professional mentors
8.    You can meet new friends from around the country and the world
9.    You can learn new skills that may help you land a full-time job when you graduate
10.    You can gain independence and a sense of self

* Your “mileage” may vary, depending on your employer and the type of work you are hired to perform.

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