June 23, 2009

Tuesday Tips: Top 10 Resources for Working Abroad

Do you find yourself longing for new horizons? Are you happiest when packing up a bag and planning a big trip? If you want to ditch the 9-5 job search and head out on the open road to adventure, here are 10 great resources to help you plan the experience of a life time — working (or volunteering) abroad.

  1. International Jobs Center is a comprehensive source of international careers for professionals, including international development jobs.
  2. DevNetJobs is the #1 online source for finding international development jobs; international consulting jobs with NGOs; international non-profit work; and jobs with the UN, aid groups, charity organizations, multilateral organizations and development banks.
  3. UN Jobs is a source for job opportunities through the United Nations and the Hague.
  4. WorkPermit is a great site for navigating the ins and outs of required work permits and other immigration regulations for nearly every country around the globe.
  5. Cross Cultural Solutions places 4,000 volunteers every year in the fields of caregiving, teaching, healthcare and community development. Volunteers are assigned to communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.
  6. Transitions Abroad is a comprehensive web portal, offering articles, planning tips, classified ads and more to help you navigate your travel/work abroad experience.
  7. Peace Corps, aka the toughest job you’ll ever love, is the quintessential volunteer abroad organization (and hey, two years of service might just get a significant part of your student loans forgiven.)
  8. Jobs Abroad is a online database with thousands of work abroad jobs, searchable by country.
  9. Country Studies is a project of the Library of Congress and the perfect online destination for learning everything you need to know about over 85 countries around the world.
  10. JobMonkey — Have you checked out our Work Abroad section yet? If you are planning to spend anywhere from a few weeks to a lifetime working and living abroad, JobMonkey is your essential first step. We cover everything from teaching English as a Second Language jobs to au pair jobs to resources for ex pats.

What great work / volunteer / live abroad resource have I missed? Leave me a comment with your best online resource for adventure abroad.

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